I have to admit that first I didn't adopt the Birki's trend. I was very skeptical and wasn't sure if I was going to like it, or not at all. Sometimes we just need more time to crush on a revival trend. Almost 1 year later, I finally fell in love with them. They look amazing if they are well worn. To wear the birki's, I would go with a chic and elegant outfit. A lot of magazine are calling them :

 by Glamour Magazine

Are you going to spend your summer with a pair of Birkenstock on your feet? I know, I know, some of you are maybe still thinking that this is the ugliest trend they've never seen! I can fully understand because if a few years ago I would have seen someone wearing these kind of shoes, I would have thought the same. This is what we love in fashion, everything is coming back one day, it is always fickle. Almost every trend will have one day their renaissance moment!
Here is a list with a few brands that designed Birkenstock-inspired sandals :

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