Trousers & Heels : Zara | Top & Trench : H&M | Leather Bracelet : Good Works (Available on Lili Shopping)

The culmination of Easter weekend is the Easter lunch. As usually, I went to my grand mother to enjoy the best food with my entire family. It is every year a very traditional celebration. I have to admit that like for every occasions like this, I ate way too much during the lunch and way too much easter chocolate bunnies. How can I resist to this delicious chocolate made in Switzerland? This is so far the best of the world!

The weather wasn't beautiful during the Easter weekend, most of the time it was rainy and cloudy. I was kind of happy because I wanted to wear my trench coat from H&M, I feel so comfortable when I'm wearing it. You can discover my new Good works leather bracelet, such a versatile pieces for the upcoming seasons. They are available in many colors & styles on Lili Shopping. Good Works donates 25% of net profits to good causes such as humanitarian organisms and charities. These organisms fight for the improvement of children and orphan lives. Combine shopping with being charitable!


  1. Beautiful pictures!
    I like your outfit, your sunnies are very pretty :)

    Kisses from Vienna,

    1. Thanks a lot Eli ! it's a real pleasure to read you^^

  2. Replies
    1. Thanks for your comment Lauren ! You are my little sunshine!

  3. This look is awesome, the trench and the bright colours are perfect! :)

    xx Su

  4. Magnifiques photo! =) la première est OUF! <3

  5. Ces couleurs te vont vraiment très très bien!